Yippee! – Our Fundraiser Was A Success

Our goal of raising $6000 in our last fundraiser event was met because of the generous support of you, our parents.  The actual total was $5950 in profits from ticket sales and donations.  The proceeds of this fundraiser will be spent on furniture and equipment items that are needed by our programs due to things just wearing out and also of our changing program needs and expectations.  You should know that we tour between 200 -300 visitors around our centre each year and they often marvel at how beautiful our environments (classrooms) are, and wonder how we can afford all these nice things and furniture.  Well, the answer is that our parents do a great job of fundraising each fall and that is one of the reasons for what they see.

Naturally our congratulations go out to all the prize winners, and we hope that they especially feel blessed to have supported our Centre.

Our next fundraiser of this sort will be around Easter time 2017.  We are looking forward to another successful campaign at that time.