Discovery Centre is a Not-for-Profit organization which is owned by the community.  Each year the members (parents of Discovery) elect a Board of Directors who oversee the organization on behalf of the broader community.  Their primary function is to set goals,  policies and to oversee the financial health of the organization.  Board meetings are held about 6 times per year and are open to the public.

Discovery Children’s Centre Board of Directors 2016-17

Daevid Ramey – Chair
Megan Borowiec – Vice-Chair
Jackie Campbell – Vice-Chair
Vijay Chandrasekaran – Treasurer
Tasha Shiaro – Secretary
Scott Feasey
Leela Schreyer-Garrity
Greg Bartel
Curt McKinnon
Matthew Reimer
Tiffany Wengel
Jennifer Allbutt


In 2015 the Board of Directors  and a team of staff developed a Strategic Plan which will guide the work of the organization in the next years. Click here to view the summary of our Strategic Plan

If you would like to contact the Board of Directors please call 204-889-2689  or e-mail and we will assist you in your efforts.