At Discovery Centre we believe it is our task to help prepare our children for life.  Therefore, we provide an en­vironment designed to facilitate learning experiences that will better help our children deal with themselves and the future.

The future, as we all know, is very unpredictable, however, three things are guaranteed: it will involve change, uncer­tainty and challenge.  In recognition of this, we have set a priority of helping children gain the qualities that will help them survive and thrive in the future.  These qualities include Courage, which enables a child to try, fail, and try again; Self-Esteem, which aids children in succeeding at challenges, learning from failures, and taking advantage of future opportunities; Responsibility, which involves making choices and accepting the consequences of those choices; and Cooperation, which helps unlock the magic of team work and the interdependent skills that are so necessary in our society.

Let it be understood that we have no desire to hinder a child’s desire or ability to learn in the cognitive (intellectual) area.  It is our belief however, that information will be of little interest or help to a child whose emotional, physical or social needs are not being met.

Every facet of the Centre encourages development of the whole person.

  1. Physical Needs

Including security, rest, nutrition and adequate movement for health, muscle coordination and ability. 

  1. Emotional Needs

Fostering the feeling of being loved and teaching respect for both adults and children.  We will also help the children to understand their emotions and learn appropriate ways of dealing with them.

  1. Social Needs

Developing acceptance by the peer group.  First hand experiences with adults and children will facilitate this.  The child will be assisted in problem-solving techniques involving inter­personal differences.

  1. Intellectual Needs

We will help children enjoy their learning experience.  The child will be encouraged to learn to his/her potential.

  1. Spiritual Needs
  • “Grace” will be said prior to snack, lunch and dinner times.  Those children wishing to participate will be encouraged to do so.


Discovery is also committed to the inclusion of all children (regardless of their disabilities or needs) into our program.  Where additional staffing is required to help include these children into the program, it will always be utilized according to the goals of inclusion, namely:

  • Provide as little assistance as is needed to maximize independence and develop self-confidence.
  • One-on-one time with a child will not be provided except under very rare conditions.
  • Small group learning while in the classroom will be the most frequently used model of teaching those skills that are not easily learned through other methods.
  • Every attempt will be made to normalize the child’s stay at Discovery.  This will include the sharing of any extra support, as required, by all staff in the Unit.

A full version of our Inclusion policy can be found under the Policy section of this website.