Discovery Centre is a  registered charity in Canada and legally can offer Charitable donation receipts for donations.  If you want to donate by writing a cheque, send it directly to:

Discovery Centre
367 Hampton Street
Winnipeg , Canada
R3J 1P7

If you would wish to donate by Credit Card or other means we would direct you to the Canada Helps site where these types of donations can be made. If choosing this option you will receive your charitable donation receipt directly from the Canada Helps organization.

Each dollar that is donated assists us in providing higher quality of care for young children and in reaching out to others through our Networking Groups.


You can direct your “United Way” or “All Charities Campaign” contributions to Discovery – If you work for a company that has a “United Way” fundraising drive and /or “All Charities Campaign” drive, you can direct your donation to Discovery Children’s Centre by submitting a request form to your campaign organizer/chairperson at work. This will ensure that your donations are passed on to us. Please invite your family and friends to join you in this. See attached form for your convenience.