Men in Early Childhood Education

Men in Early Childhood Education

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History of MECE

Around the year 2000, a group of men (working in Child Care) began gathering together in Winnipeg Canada.  The general aims of the group was to connect men working in this field to each other and to support each other in our work with young children.  In those early years we met very infrequently.  This changed when Ron Blatz, who was the leader of the group, attended a World Forum on Early Learning and Education in Montreal in 2004.  There Ron was invited to a workshop on the topic of Men in Early Childhood Education (MECE) and got connected to other men from around the world who were also concerned that gender balance was absent in all too many Centres around the world.  The energy and momentum from this workshop led to the establishment of an international “Working Group’ and an invitation to Ron to join the inaugural leadership team for the MECE Working Group.

Since 2004, our group has met much more regularly and has expanded to include our female counterparts as well.  Our goal is to encourage great gender balance in our sector and to encourage those men who have chosen to work in such a female dominated industry.  The leadership of this group is changing with Adam Manicom taking over the leadership of this group in 2014. Ron Blatz continues to be involved but as he nears retirement, he is working to ensure that this group has a life beyond himself.

Follow this link to our promotional brochure which includes statistics from Manitoba (our province) on the percentage of men working in our industry.

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If you would like to join a few international conversations regarding the topic of MECE go to and sign up to the WoFoNet group. We would dearly love to have your voice join those of men and women from across the world.