Preschool Care (2-5 years of age)

Preschool Care (2 – 5 years of age including Kindergarten)

Basic Information

This age category includes children aged two to five year olds (2 – 5) including children in Kindergarten.  Unknown to many families is the fact that In Manitoba, children are not deemed in the School-age category of Child Care until they have completed Kindergarten.

Children attend five (5) days per week (Monday through Friday). No part-time care is provided in these programs at the present time.

Hours of operation are 7:00 am – 5:30 pm

Our Staff
Preschool OneMiss-Curtis-00066

Miss (Vicki) Curtis


  • Vicki is an ECE III (trained staff with a Degree in Developmental Studies)  who assumed the role of Unit Leader in this program in 2015. During the previous 8 years with Discovery  she led the Infant/Toddler program. Vicki started here as a student so in fact her career at Discovery started back in 1998. She loves outdoor activities and is always up for a challenge. Her diligence, commitment and respect for children can be seen in many ways throughout her program both in the relationships she has and the room arrangement.
Preschool Two

Mrs. (Anja) Balharry

  • Anja is trained as an ECE II and we have been blessed to have her with us since 1997.  She brings a bundle of enthusiasm and creativity to our Centre and the children, parents, and staff are all beneficiaries of these great skills and traits.  She is active in promoting our children and nature emphasis (especially loves outdoor cooking) and is always an eager and a passionate presenter when called upon to share with others about this part of our program.   She also serves as a volunteer Board member at another Child Care Centre and extends her influence in our community in this way.  BRAVO!
School-age One (Kindergarten)

Ms. (Alexis) Dorge

  • Coming soon!
Our Program:

Click Here to view our Curriculum Statement which describes many of the key interests, approaches, and priorities we bring to our time with you and your children.  These are fairly standard throughout the programs at Discovery.

Program Overviews
Parent Policy Manuals:

The manuals you find here primarily host the policies of your Board of Directors regarding Discovery Centre.  We ask that all parents who chose to enroll their child in our centre, familiarize themselves with these policies and agree to follow them.  Changes to these policies are made by your elected Board, and generally are not at the discretion of the staff.