Wild About Gardening #1 – Aluminum Pop Cans Needed

We need you to help us collect aluminum pop cans to use as fillers in the bottom of our blue bin garden boxes.  Under our theme of “Wild About Gardening” we have set a goal for ourselves to try and grow 10% of our snack food on site and this project is a part of that overall goal.  With a minimum of 40 new “blue bin” gardens about to be put into action this will take several thousand cans.  Here is a picture of the garden boxes which we will be putting into action.


We will place this empty box in the entrance hallway so you can deposit the cans in there for us.  Once we receive these cans we will enlist some energetic school-age children to crush the cans in this handy can crusher which Mr. Buckley has mounted in room #12.  The cans will then be used to fill the bottom third of each blue bin so not as much soil is needed.  Here is what the can crusher looks like:


Thanks so much for being such a great group of supportive parents.