Update on Community Alert

BRAVO to all of you who read our post yesterday and have been coming forth with additional information.  It is great to know that we can all come together and keep St. James the wonderful safe community that it really is.  It appears like the worrisome behaviour that we reported yesterday was even less worrisome when further details were reported to us.  We now believe that the incident was likely nothing more than playful, silly, and perhaps annoying behavior between 3 children (a boy and 2 girls).  One of our parents who lives right across the street heard the girls screams,  and watched the event unfold from her yard.  Although she has previously reported other incidents to the police, she did not feel there was anything of real concern going on and observed the boy walking away after the girls screamed and told the boy to leave them alone.

They say it “takes a village to raise a child”  and I so pleased that the residents of St. James are keeping their watch out for all of our children.  Thanks so very much for caring and being that village.