Tree Planting Event – Donations Needed

Discovery is embarking on a small outdoor development project and we need your help. The tree planting project is a part of a larger outdoor development that will take place over the rest of 2019. We are seeking grants for the largest part of the project which will include a new “berm”, a larger sand digging pit, a new dirt digging pit, and along with 18 new trees. For right now we are hoping to start it off with the planting of 18 new trees in the southern part of the school grounds (known to us as the “Back 40). We hope to fund this part of the project with the help of donations from our DCC family and friends.

Here is how you can help:

  • Make a donation of $125. This will pay for the purchase of one tree. I myself (Ron Blatz) will be donating one in memory of my father who passed away 10 years ago. Perhaps you too wish to make this a special family time of remembering a lost family member and planting a tree in their memory. (all who donate will receive a charitable donation receipt)
  • Arrange to have your family members join you on June 18 (5:30 – 7:30) for the planting of the tree. The soil will be prepared, the wood mulch on site, and the tree stakes available so this task will not take very long for each tree.
  • Volunteer to help prepare for and cook for the BBQ that will be put on for the 18 tree planting family teams.
  • Bring your own spade/shovel as we only have about 3 big ones at the Centre.

To make a donation by cheque or e-transfer please come to the office. If you wish to pay by credit card choose “about” and “donate” one the home page of our website and you will be able to do a credit card donation through Canada Helps. We will also ask you to fill out the Tree Planting Event form that you will find on your child’s locker.

Hope to see many of you there at the actual planting event on June 18th at 5:30 – 7:30.