Tabs for Harley – Update

Several parents have recently dropped by to see how we are doing with raising funds for Harley’s next wheel-chair.  Here is what I found out from Harley’s dad.  He has been able to do 5 drops of tabs to the recycling company.  Each drop brings about $400.  This means they have about $2000 saved, which will go to Harley’s next wheelchair.  The chair runs in around $6000 – $9000.  So, you can see that there is still a significant gap in the funds required to purchase his next chair, so we kindly ask you to continue to collect and bring the tabs in to he Centre.  We have an antique Milk can in the entry way which we use as a deposit site for your tabs.  Many of you have done a great job of spreading the word and getting your friends to collect as well.  Harley’s family and all of us here at Discovery thank you very much for your support.