Romania Christmas Bag Campaign to end November 30th.

A great big thank-you to all who so generously donated to the Christmas Bags for Romania campaign.  The money collected will help Doris & John Storey (Doris is a former staff) bless over 95 children in the orphanages, hospitals and villages near their home in Romania.

Doris recently called and shared how well they are doing in Romania and how much she misses everyone here at Discovery.  She send her warmest greeting to everyone.

Doris shared how she brings in the carpet, toys, and adults to enhance the environment for these children.  Without these visits the children spend their entire day in their cribs.  Physical contact, room to move around, and the company of caring adults will all make a big difference to these children. Many even at two years of age do not have the core body strength to sit up without adult support, but she is optimistic this will change soon.  Thanks once again.


Here is a picture of Doris, John, and Darcy Neufeld (also originally from Winnipeg) doing their thing in the hospital.

Romania IMG_1322 (3)