Poll Shows Huge Public Support for Child Care in Manitoba

Following a wonderful response from parents in Manitoba (a special thanks to all Discovery parents who filled out the survey), Probe research is reporting the following findings:

  • 75% agree a universal child care system, where every child who needs a space gets one, ought to be a priority of the new Progressive Conservative government, with 22% agreeing it should be the top priority.
  • 58% of Manitobans agree they are willing to pay a little more in taxes for a universal system.
  • More than 80% of Manitobans agree the lack of child care is  a serious issue.
  • 75% agree early childhood educators should be paid more.
  • 75% think child care in Manitoba is too expensive for many parents.
  • 64% agree child care should be a part of the education system.
  • Only 11% think it’s easy to find child care in Manitoba.

Check out this graphic for a more colorful report on the findings.