Playing With Friends Builds Empathy

Today I saw you playing outside with your dinosaurs. I noticed that you were wearing your blue mittens to keep your hands warm on this chilly day. You were walking in the Front Play Garden area when you noticed your friend sitting on the sled and looking around. You approached him and asked him, “do you want me (to) pull you?’ He gave you a smile and said “Yes”. I watched you pull his sled around the Play Garden. You pulled him on the sled all the way to the blue deck area. You and your friend both giggled when you pulled him off the edge of the deck and made him bounced off the sled. I saw both of you laugh as you repeated this game over again and again. I would like to commend you on the way you showed patience and compassion with your friend. It delighted me to see you display these virtues. When you see a friend who is upset, you are often the first to check on them to see what has happened. You take time to listen and give them a helping hand. Your social and emotional skills have grown since you began in our program. I would like to support further growth in this area of development by giving you small responsibilities in our room. We will offer you opportunities to display care and empathy towards others, by having you help your smaller friends take off their shoes or help your friends put away their things in their lockers. I know that putting emphasis on your strengths and harnessing positive relationship building techniques will improve your self-esteem and self-worth. I am thrilled about the milestones you have reached and I look forward to watch as you continue to achieve and grow. Mrs. Cruz


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