One Week Outdoors with Preschool One

Our first week of our two weeks outside is already done. We were very blessed with some very beautiful weather this past week. This whole week we have spent 50 hours outside (7:30 am to 5:30 pm). The children ate meals and napped outside every day. The children had lots of fun exploring many different things in the outdoor environment. A few highlights were:


Day one and two of outside week 093

Day one and two of outside week 108

Hunting for ladybugs in the leaves. William and Andrew were bringing leaves over to the deck stairs. They were building the leaves up along the opening underneath the stairs. They were working together to fill the hole up. Andrew was filling up one side and William was filling up the other side. One of the other children asked them what they were doing. William told them “We are making a bug house.” Andrew “Yes a bug house.” After the house was all built they both were on a hunt for some ladybugs. After a little while Andrew came over to me. He got my attention. Then he said “We found a ladybug.” He had this look of amazement on his face. He was so proud to show me the ladybug they found. After looking at it for a little while Andrew said “Let’s put it in the house.” So they did. Then they were off to look for some more.

Day Four of outdoors week 051

Day Four of outdoors week 040

  • The Leaves!! We couldn’t get enough of the leaves. The children were using rakes all week to make piles of leaves to jump in. So on Thursday we got out the leaf blower. The children loved it. Teo couldn’t get enough of it. He wanted to help hold the leaf blower and blow the leaves around. Then he went and stood in front of it. The leaves blew around him. He was so happy to have the leaves blow around him he was dancing around. Once we got the leaf blower going we made a huge pile of leaves in the middle of the grass. Rebecca was standing outside of the leaf pile. She got this huge smile on her face. Then she ran and jumped into the huge pile of leaves. She was so excited and happy she danced in the pile of leave for a few minutes. Then she got out and went back to do it again. Rebecca had Morgan and Mheia join in with her. They all took turns jumping into the leaves. William, Ethan, Rebecca, Morgan, and Sushil all had a leaf fight with Miss Curtis. A few of us found out that we don’t like leaves to go down our shirts.

Day one and two of outside week 083

Day one and two of outside week 070

Day Four of outdoors week 009

These were just two small highlights of a few of the things we did this week. A big Thank-You to all the Preschool One parents who had their children dressed in layers and were ready for the cold mornings. Having the children dressed for the weather makes it much more enjoyable for them to be outside the whole day. Can’t wait to see what next week will bring!

Day Four of outdoors week 027

Day Four of outdoors week 009


Day Three outdoor week - September 30 012

Day Three outdoor week - September 30 022


Day one and two of outside week 090

Day one and two of outside week 086