MCCA Educaring Award 2019 Awarded to Stevenson / Discovery Teams

On May 24 a team from Stevenson-Britannia School and Discovery Children’s Centre accepted the 2019 Educaring award at a Banquet hosted by the Manitoba Child Care Association. The award is given to the Centre / School team that exemplifies a high level of cooperation and support in their work within a local community. In our 36 years of working together with school teams at Stevenson, we have never enjoyed such a close and positive relationship as we have enjoyed in the last few years. The Stevenson team, led by Principal Jane Couch have been so supportive, encouraging, generous and helpful that we just couldn’t let another year go by without nominating them for the award. The picture you see here is of Principal Jane Couch and Director Ron Blatz. BRAVO to the teachers, support staff, custodian, and leaders who rightfully earned this honour.