M.L.A. Delivers Children’s Books to Discovery

We would like to extend a hearty “Thank-You” to our M.L.A> for the gift of children’s books that were delivered a week or so ago.

Due to the impending election and our desire to stay politically neutral the photo below does not include a photo of our M.L.A. or their name.  That being said we also want to be a centre that is gracious and thankful whenever any individual, company, or elected community leader comes forward to support our program.  The children have been enjoying the books seen below for over a week already and we are so thankful for the thoughtful selection that went into the purchase of these books.


Remember to VOTE on April 19.  If Child Care is a determining factor in your decision and you are wondering how you might communicate this should a candidate shows up at your door, please see the purple and green posters that have been posted by your child’s classroom “white board”.