Happy Earth Day

(Discovery shares this message from Tree Canada)

Earth Day has become the World’s largest environmental movement, a day for children, families, communities to take note of the one planet we all share and the important role each of us plays in ensuring its health and all those who live on it.

The staff and children at Discovery have made plans to celebrate this day by cleaning our outdoor play spaces from the debris collected over the past several months. There are many other tips on how we can all help to restore the Earth;

1.Organize a tree-planting activity with your friends, family and loved ones! Planting trees close to home is a meaningful contribution to the environment. We will work with you to create a customized group event, that follows all local COVID-19 regulations. Learn more about our Celebration Plantings.

2. Education is the best form of awareness! So, let the trees be your teacher! Trees can show us how to restore our connection to the natural world. These easy activities (part one and part two) let everyone in the family become a student and the trees become the teacher!

3. Help restore our Canadian forests and wildlife habitat by supporting our mass seedling planting program! Our National Greening Program contributes to cleaner air, cleaner soil, and cleaner waterways. Donate today!

4. Grow an indoor forest! Trees help clean the air, even inside our homes! The Spruce suggests ten trees that will thrive inside, including the rubber tree, yuca tree, jade tree, weeping tree and lemon tree.

5. Restore your connection to the Earth by spending some time among the trees! While you’re at it, snap a pic, draw or paint your favorite tree and add it to our growing virtual forest using our hashtag #TreeCanadaPhoto on social media. Take the time to also check out last year’s submissions!

6. Calculate your carbon footprint and find out how many trees you need to plant to offset your emissions! Then, make a contribution in trees to Tree Canada and we’ll do all the work!

7. Help create greener cities and towns by donating towards the planting and care of a community tree in your region!

8. Is someone you know getting married or celebrating an important birthday? Tribute tree certificates are the perfect gift to help the Earth and celebrate any occasion! With a minimum donation of $50, a tribute tree certificate is issued.

9. Do you own an old car that’s taking up space and you don’t know what to do with it? Donate A Car Canada will recycle or sale your old vehicle at auction, with proceeds going to Tree Canada. Once your vehicle donation is complete, we’ll send you a tax receipt and put your gift to good use!

10. Take a bath… in the forest! The concept of forest bathing has long been practiced by the Japanese and the science behind it continues to show the numerous health benefits behind it. So, take a virtual or in-person walk in the woods and reap those benefits!

11. Leave a lasting legacy by supporting Tree Canada through a bequest, a donation of securities, or a donation of land.

12. Restore your connection to the Earth by learning a little bit about the trees near you! Identify your neighbourhood trees by using these trusty resources:

 13. Start using an ethical search engine that plants trees! Using the internet can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. So, if you want a good way to reduce your ecological footprint while continuing to use the internet, try using a search engine like Ecosia, which uses its profits to fund tree planting around the world.

14. Take a virtual trip across Canada’s forest. As the third-most forested country in the world, Canadians are lucky to have eight forest regions across the country to explore and appreciate.

15. Planting a tree is the best way each of us can help restore our Earth! So, find a local nursery and plant some trees in your own backyard. Follow our Tree Planting Guide!

16. Organize a tree-planting team-building activity with your employees and co-workers! Our Partners in Planting program offers companies a way to deliver a team building opportunity alongside community engagement and good corporate citizenship right where your employees live and work. 

17. Learn more about the history and legacy of forests by watching these tree documentaries:

18. Listen to the Sounds of the Forest and escape into nature. TreeFM lets you listen to forests from around the world right from the comfort of your home!

19. Let your children explore their local trees and learn about the roles of the many different tree species! Watch and follow the “Connections Early Years Family Centre“ YouTube channel to help your little ones connect with the natural world around them!

20. Make tree-related art! Go out into the forest and just create something with the leaves, branches, or nuts you find on the ground. Or write a poem about your favorite tree! Check out these poems about trees and forests for inspiration.

21. Keep informed about the state of Canada’s forests and forestry, with the latest government report.

22. And last, but not least – just get outside! Spend some time among the trees, you won’t regret it!