Discovery’s New Screening Procedure to Begin September 8, 2020

Since March, Discovery has gone through many changes and we are anticipating many more. Next Tuesday, September 8, all of our School age children will be returning back to school. Beginning September 21, our Nursery School Programs will begin once again. This means more families, more children, more staff. Discovery will continue to follow applicable health and safety legislation to ensure the safety and health and well-being of children, families and staff.

According to Dr. Roussin, symptom screening is key. Screening must occur at the start of each day. Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring that children are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19 before sending them to Discovery  

Please do not come to Discovery sick. Families will be contacted immediately if your child is sick or showing symptoms. Please make sure you update your personal information with Discovery.

Screening has proven to be time consuming. To minimize wait times, beginning September 8th Discovery’s screening procedure will change. To ensure this new procedure is successful, we are requesting that parents send the same “drop off” person each day. You will need to be familiar with the current screening tool. When the screening questions change, parents will be notified. Parents will be asked “is your answer to all of the questions No”.  If your answers are no, your child will be accepted, if any of your answers are “yes” instructions for your next steps will be shared. Screening tools will be available upon request.

Parents please note that ALL programs at Discovery (except FLEX, our extended hour program) will operate from 7:00am to 5:30 pm until further notice. IN the past parents were permitted to call the Centre to inform staff that they would be picking up late, this will no longer be acceptable because children must stay in their zone, ask will be asked to stay late. Applicable late charges will be applied.

This is a very stressful time for families. Many changes, many questions sometimes no clear answers. Discovery will continue to send updates as soon as possible; it will be important to visit our website ( often.

Stay healthy and Take care.