Discovery’s Board of Directors Make Decisions for Discovery’s Future Operating Structure

Last night the Board of Directors had a meeting to consider Discovery’s future operating structure. A decision was made to continue to stay open to offer care to children of Essential Service Providers. It is safe to assume that when schools are back functioning normally, we will expect a government directive to also return to normal functioning.

For all families who are not currently using care, you will not be billed. For all families who are subsidized, your days away from the Centre will not be counted towards your allowable absent days. Parents are reminded to contact subsidy if your working status has changed. The subsidy office can provide you with details for what you must do moving forward.

Discovery has received many inquiries about what will happen to your child’s space. There are so many uncertainties at this time that this is not a one answer question. When things return to “normal” some people will go back to their work or school and they will require care. Those families will have a space when they need it. For others who will not be returning to their jobs, they will give notice and then they will no longer have a space. As we move through this Pandemic and we learn more, details will be shared with families through our website.

If you have questions or concerns please send an email to

Stay healthy and take care.