COVID-19 Causes Restrictions To Halloween Celebrations At Discovery

This year due to COVID-19, changes will be made to the way we celebrate Halloween at Discovery Children’s Centre.

For Infant, Pre-school, and Nursery School children, we are requesting that you do not bring costumes from home. Currently the face paints and dress up clothes are not available for use, and therefore the “dress up” part of Halloween will be suspended while at the Centre. This year we are also requesting that parents do not bring treats to share with their child’s peers.

For School age children, we understand that children will be dressing up for school. If your school aged child chooses to bring a costume from home, we are requesting that you refrain from bringing scary costumes and do not bring weapons that may accompany a costume. We are unable to guarantee costumes will be brought home un-damaged. Please carefully consider this before sending your child in a costume.  Unfortunately, face paints and dress up clothes are currently being stored until they have been deemed safe for use.

Please check with your child’s classroom teachers for details about how this time will be dealt with in your child’s room.