Collection For The Christmas Cheer Board Hamper Will Be Suspended This Year

For several years, Discovery encouraged staff and families to bring in donations for the Christmas Cheer Board. Years ago, we made up baskets and asked for donations of specific items. For the last few years we simply asked for donations of non-perishables and toys. The donations were taken to the Christmas Cheer Board on behalf of families and staff from Discovery.  What I really liked about this was that the children were involved, it was tangible for a child to place food or an unwrapped toy for someone to receive that was less fortunate; the idea of “giving”.

This year the Christmas Cheer Board is collecting donations of cash and toys only, therefore we have decided not to participate. Since parents are not entering our building at this time, the collection would become quite complicated. Discovery’s Board and Management believe the tradition of collecting for others instills important values for children. Since Discovery will not be collecting for the Christmas Cheer Board from families and staff this year we encourage you to participate and visit the Christmas Cheer Board website at .

Happy Holidays everyone!