Back Parking Lot to open on Thursday.

Although the back parking lot and parent loading zone is not 100% complete we will be opening it up for use as of Thursday morning July 14, 2016.  Please be patient with us as not all aspects of the project are complete (i.e. wooden gate to “Adventure Playground”), so although you will have normal access to the building, your entry and access to the Adventure Playground from the courtyard will be blocked until further work is done on the double wooden gates.

There are 7 spots set aside for parent drop-off/pick-up.  Please use only these designated spots, and if they are being used, either wait your turn or find alternate parking on the front street.  Please do not park on the back lane or on our neighbour’s property.  This has caused many problems in the past and can not be tolerated.

We have also put a fair amount of work into beautifying the courtyard and would appreciate you helping your children stay on the paved areas and out of the garden/flower beds.  To help with this we have placed a few blocks in the middle of the walkway (in a curved pattern) so that they can practise their balancing on these.  This is my way of outsmarting a preschooler, do you think it will work? 🙂

We would like to end by thanking you for your patience during this time of construction.