Back Entrance Parking Changes!

To improve safety for children, parents and drivers we asking parents to park only in the stalls along the chain link fence if using the back lane as your access point to the Centre. Please refrain from parking in the stalls that are against our building, even at the end of the day. A few years ago we spent many thousands of dollars to address the safety concerns associated with children and adults walking down the back lane and to add a few more drop-off spots to the existing lot. We have noticed many parents once again walking in between and behind parked cars as they wander down the back lane to their vehicles which are parked against. This is unsafe for drivers (staff , parents and neighbours) as well as those walking. Please refrain from this practice.

If the parent drop of spots are full (and the 3 or 4 staff parking spots along the fence are occupied after 4:00 pm you will need to seek out available street parking. Most spots on Hampton and Silver can be used at all hours and Berry Street parking is available till 15:30 each day. Please note that the 4-5 spots beside our front “Playgarden” on Silver avenue are 15 minute loading spots and has been designated as such for the purpose of dropping off and picking up children at Discovery. Feel free to use them.

Thanks so very much for making these small adaptations to ensure that the safety and well being of our whole Discovery family is being considered in our daily routines. Have a very happy and safe New Year everyone.