As Winnipeg Region Raises To (Red) Staff will Be Required To Wear Medical Grade Masks

According to the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System, Winnipeg Region will be raised to the Critical (Red) level as of Monday, November 2nd.  However, child care facilities and schools remain at the Restricted (Orange) level and no changes will be made to cohort sizes or bussing at this time.

The change for Discovery will now require staff who move between cohorts of children to wear medical-grade masks. Once masks are distributed to the Centre, the continuous use of medical-grade masks by staff will be required until receipt of a public directive that this is no longer required.

As many child care centres, like Discovery, work with more than one cohort of children and physical distancing is not always possible, this added proactive measure will help keep children and staff healthy.

This is a good opportunity to remind parents that Discovery will continue to practice the fundamentals;

  • All staff will self screen as well as screen parents and children daily using the questions at  or the online assessment tool at    
  • Staying at home even when your symptoms are mild
  • Staying at home if you have been tested for COVID-19 and have not yet received the results;
  • Washing/sanitizing hands and covering coughs and sneezes
  • Properly and consistently using personal protective equipment
  • Implementing increased environmental cleaning/disinfection
  • Reminding parents, the importance of monitoring their child daily for symptoms before sending them to the Centre or school.

Stay healthy and take care.