“All Charities Campaign” gives $1,537 to DCC

At a recent charity event Discovery was presented with a cheque for $1,537 dollars from the “All Charities Campaign”.  This amazing organization collects donations through cash and payroll deductions from employees of the Government of Manitoba and affiliated employer groups.  As a registered Private Foundation employees are allowed to donate to any number of Canadian registered charities and Discovery is one of their choices. If you, one of your family members or friends work for the Provincial Government or an affiliated employer group (Red River College is one of these) encourage them to designate Discovery Centre as their charity of choice when they are signing up during the fall fundraising campaign at their workplace.  It’s good to know that 100% of what is collected is passed on to the designated registered charity with no holdback for administration costs (which are picked up by another source).

All donations received by Discovery go to the further enhancement of our building and our outdoor playscapes.

A special thanks goes out to the 4 donors (3 parents and one grandparent) who so generously gave on our behalf.


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