Accessible Parking At Discovery

For the safety of the families who require accessible parking, Discovery has created an accessible parking space in our parking lot off the back lane. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PARKING SPACE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PERMIT.

The parking space next to the trailer in the parking lot, has now been designated as an accessible parking space. This parking spot is reserved for those families with a parking permit, who have children with mobility limitations (use of a wheel chair). Accessible parking is there for those who may have problems getting from the parking spot to the entrance. This ensures safety of the person with the disability, which is a key component of accessible parking.

“Why can’t I wait in an accessible parking spot? It’ll just take a minute.”

Besides the fact that accessible parking spots are not waiting zones, people who need those spots may not be able to park in non-accessible spots. Discovery has only one accessible parking spot. Many times, there is also no way to confront someone who is “just waiting” without getting out of the vehicle and approaching the driver – something that is difficult or impossible to do if the rightful user of the parking spot cannot walk or they have a child in the car. As a result, “just a minute” ends up as something much more than a minor inconvenience. Therefore, DO NOT USE THIS PARKING SPACE TO WAIT OR TO RUN IN TO THE BUILDING.

Thank you in advance, for your cooperation.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact management at or at 204 889-2689.