Please call for more information, but generally for a child attending a normal length of day the fees are as follows:

Infant Care

– $30.00/day*

– plus an additional snack fee of $1.00/day

Preschool Care

– $20.80/day*

– plus an additional snack fee of $1.00/day


– $10.30/day on a school day & $20.80/dayfor a non-school day

– plus an additional snack fee of $1.00/day

Nursery School

– $5.00/session (2.5 hour day)

– plus an additional snack fee of $0.50/session

*fees do change for children attending longer than 10 hours/day

The Government of Manitoba does have a fee subsidy program which is based on an income test and can drop the fees down to $2.00/day for regular programs or even down to $0.00 (zero) for Nursery School.  Please do phone us to inquire further.

You will find the fees at Discovery very similar to other programs because in Manitoba the Provincial government regulates the maximum fees we are allowed to charge, with only a few programs except form this regulation.